Daily Hot Picks — July 27th

Absolutely Unacceptable: Voting Records Destroyed by Georgia Election Officials

We’re usually referencing Democrats when we talk about voter suppression and fraud. However, Georgia’s government is being accused of destroying voting records in 2017 after the controversy surrounding previous state election results. This is truly disturbing news to anyone who believes in the democratic process.

Georgia has historically used various tactics to sway their elections. Voter registration databases are regularly purged to remove “inactive” voters. This isn’t simply a policy to keep records tidy — these purges take place after voter registration ends and before voting occurs.

Do you suspect your community is subject to fraudulent elections? Don’t stand for it! Hold your local government accountable for upholding the rules of democracy.


Apple Not Exempt From Tariffs

Too many corporations ship their jobs and source their materials overseas. That’s one of Apple’s key money-saving strategies. Trump isn’t letting himself get bullied by any company (no matter how powerful) into pandering to their profit-driven interests.

Trump put his foot down and told Apple they are not exempt from tariffs that are part of the Chinese trade war. If Apple wants to keep doing business, then they should bring their infrastructure to America! Families in America shouldn’t suffer due to cold-hearted corporate interests, especially when big tech is involved.

Disturbing News: Christians Overseas Continue to Be Murdered

Christians across the world are persecuted for their beliefs all the time. However, a group of recently converted Christians in Iran were just sentenced to prison on the basis of their faith. So, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is asking followers of Jesus for support to defend their faith across the globe.


The amount of religious intolerance is at an all-time high in the world. You don’t have to sign a petition to change anything as long as you’re aware of these disturbing trends. Pray that humanity can find a way to end these needless acts of discrimination and violence.

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