Daily Hot Picks — July 26th

North Korea Tests New Missiles; No One Injured

Even after Trump’s fruitful visits to Kim Jong-un, North Korea isn’t giving up their missile testing programs. The country launched two short-range missiles over 250 miles into the ocean this week.

There was no target and no one was injured. Still, South Korea is keeping a keen on its neighbor.

Trump Administration Considering Travel Ban on Guatemala

Trump is taking proactive approaches to solving the border crisis. Democrats place so much attention on the border itself that the source of illegal immigrants often goes overlooked. Guatemala is a major culprit and Trump is looking to implement a travel ban against them to shut off the leaky valve:

President Trump is threatening Guatemala with the travel ban, tariffs, and other pressures to bring the country to the negotiation table. Hopefully, the nation decides to cooperate and come to a mutual agreement that will secure America’s borders.

Colorado University Bans “America” From List of Acceptable Words

This is what “inclusivity” looks like, folks. Colorado University released a list of words forbidden for students to utter on its campus. “America” and “American” are apparently so offensive that they make the list.

The Left talks all about inclusivity, yet they exclude the slightest thing that hurts their precious feelings. If “America” is so offensive to this Liberal college, why don’t they move the school to another country? America used to be full of patriots — now it’s full of too many snowflakes.

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