Daily Hot Picks — July 24th

FEMA Leaves Millions of Americans Uninsured Due to Outdated Maps

How can a government agency fail to update its crucial flood maps for 10 years and get away with it? FEMA’s negligence is leaving 35 to 40 million American homes uninsured and their owners vulnerable to extreme debt and bankruptcy. Our citizens’ livelihoods are on the line and the government isn’t doing enough to properly protect American families.

Double-check your flood insurance policy to ensure that you’re covered. Don’t rely on the government to do anything properly. Look out for yourself, because FEMA sure doesn’t have your back.

Turkey Owns Russian S-400 Missiles: Threatens America if Sanctions Are Imposed

Russia’s favorite tactic of destabilizing nations near its unsustainably-huge border is showing its ugly face once again. Turkey possesses many Russian-built S-400 missile systems and refuses to give them up. Turkey’s veil of “self-defense” is easy to see through.

Now, Turkey threatens to take action if the US decides to place sanctions on them. Trump seemed to consider sanctions against Turkey earlier this month, but that’s not a notion he’s heavily committed to acting on. Still, the fact that Turkey is baring their teeth threatens what little stability remains in the Middle East right now:

Russia Violates South Korea’s Airspace and Receives Warning Shots

Speaking of Russia’s borders, they’ve crossed yet another line this week. A Russian A-40 military aircraft flew through South Korea’s airspace as if it was wandering around its own backyard. South Korea fired 400 warning shots at the aircraft and threatened to escalate their reactions if Russia continues to violate airspace borders.

Russia’s war games are increasing in frequency and severity as of late. The world seems to be at a tipping point with Russia and Iran at center stage. Only time will tell where all this posturing is leading.

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