Daily Hot Picks — July 23rd

Iran Claims They’ve Detained 17 CIA Operatives

Don’t hit the panic button just yet — Iran has lied about these kinds of claims before. Still, this is a big deal whether it’s true or not.

Iran could be merely “improving” their posture after capturing a British oil tanker last week. The unstable country is looking for any way to show their teeth, even if those teeth are fake. Pray with us for the safety of Americans risking their lives to protect our country as we continue to update you on this breaking news.

Dems Still Holding Onto Iran Nuclear Deal Dream

The Left doesn’t know how to let go. Democrats vow to find a way to get back into the nuclear Deal. Why can’t they leave well enough alone?

Here’s where the top candidates stood on the issue at the first debate:

It took Obama many years to negotiate the Iran Deal that crippled America’s security over the region. The Dems want to continue appeasing and playing nice with countries who commit atrocities like funding proxy wars against their neighbors. If there’s only one major malfunction with the Democrats, it’s that they have no spine.

SHOCKING: A Democrat Who Actually Cares About Veterans!

While MOST Dems don’t have a spine, it seems like at least one of them does (or at least a level head). DNC presidential hopeful Andrew Yang recognizes the importance of our veterans and actually wants to help them. His ideas are contrasted by most Democrats refusing to acknowledge veterans in the public light, let alone pass policy to support vets after they’ve done their time.

Veterans have a hard time integrating back into civilian life after being on duty. One of Yang’s campaign policies is to give them more resources to ease back into society. Trump does plenty of incredible things for our vets, but it’s a breath of fresh air to see a Dem want to support our troops.

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