Daily Hot Picks — July 20th

URGENT: Iranian Forces Capture British and Liberian Tankers

Two oil freighters are being detained by Iranian forces for “breaking rules” within the Strait of Hormuz. Thankfully, there are no reported injuries as the ships are towed to port for inspection. That doesn’t change the fact that Iran is attempting to flex its muscles to rule the Strait of Hormuz by force.

Who is it that Iran thinks they’re dealing with?

Iran keeps blaming false events on America to cover their true acts of aggression. It’s almost as if they want to start a war. Iran needs to back off before they get in over their heads.

ALERT: $15 Minimum Wage Bill Passes Congress

You read that correctly — the House just passed a bill that would enforce a $15 minimum wage across the country. The bill still needs to be approved by the Republican-controlled Senate and it has about the same chance of that as a snowball going through “you know where.” Still, this is proof that Congress is being infiltrated by socialists.

These far-Left members of Congress may or may not hate America, but they want a utopia that doesn’t exist. Socialism has always led to authoritarianism and failed. Have the Democrats never read a history book?

McCain Pettily Calls Out Ivanka

Is Meghan McCain ignorantly buying into Leftist talking points?

McCain singled out Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, for remaining silent during the controversy surrounding Trump’s apparently “racist” remarks. A quick refresher: Trump told AOC and crew to “go home” if they seem to hate America so much. The Left presumes that the president has racist motives when they fail to see him for the true patriot he is.

Meghan is taking the left-wing click-bait “racist” headlines at face value. She believes that Ivanka is complicit by remaining silent about the manufactured controversy surrounding Trump. That’s a patently absurd idea, but McCain is falling for it. Just goes to show anyone can be persuaded to drink the kool-aid.

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