Daily Hot Picks — July 19th

House Kills Impeachment Proposal on the Floor

Radical Democrats tried to end Trump’s career in the White House this week.

News flash: it was an absolute disaster:

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) is the first coward to propose a measure to impeach Trump. Clearly, he doesn’t have enough support to back the most dishonest claim America has had to listen to this year. Maybe Green should be impeached so someone with integrity can take his place instead.

More Empty Threats From Iran: “We Could Shut Down the Strait of Hormuz”

Iran attempted to forcefully stop a British tanker from exiting the Strait of Hormuz last week. They failed when an additional UK warship pointed their guns at the Iranian naval forces.

Now, Iran is claiming they could shut down the Strait of Hormuz if they wanted to:

Are they serious?

Last week shows only a portion of Iran’s incompetence in handling delicate matters of trade and security. They backed off from a single tanker, and they want to block off a heavily populated waterway driven by global trade? Iran’s threats are hardly worth taking seriously at this point.

#IceBae Takes Social Media by Storm

Mike Pence’s visit to an ICE detention center was already a major news highlight. Little did Officer Kiara Cervante know that his visit would also kick off her beginning as an online celebrity. The internet was intensely curious about her true identity, so they affectionately nicknamed her #IceBae.

Kiara decided to make social media accounts to respond to the internet’s overwhelming positivity and hilarious memes.

Kiara is simply doing her duties, just like her fellow colleagues. Even still, it’s a fantastic event when an officer of the law is met with such overwhelming praise. #IceBae certainly deserves all of the well wishes she’s received over the course of this week.

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