Daily Hot Picks — July 17th

AOC Spreads Even More Falsehoods

If you can’t win an argument, just lie about the other party. That’s how you win, right?

At least, that’s how it works in AOC’s mind according to this Tweet.

If it wasn’t already abundantly clear, AOC cannot make up a coherent argument based in reality. Her latest slam on Trump proves that trend. Few Americans hold the Constitution and legislative processes dearer than Trump himself. That’s one of the countless reasons he was elected in the first place.

Continue watching with your popcorn while the future of the Democratic party destroys itself.

Frontrunner for UK Prime Minister Won’t Support America in Iran

America’s list of allies in a potential (and hopefully avoidable) conflict with Iran grows thinner. UK frontrunner Boris Johnson says he won’t aid the US with an Iranian war if he’s elected as the new prime minister. In fact, according to the Tweet below, he’d like to be friends with the Middle East nation that just recently tried to stop a UK oil tanker.

Boris has good intentions — he wants to repair relations with Iran. The problem is Europe as a whole isn’t taking the constant threats and aggressiveness from Iran seriously enough. It’s unclear what course of action the remained of EU nations will take, but America may have to take this fight on its own.

We pray that our long-time allies will come to their senses about the true danger of Iran. Time will tell if he’s elected to run Great Britain.

SHOCKING: California Releases Illegals With Lengthy Criminal Records

Sanctuary cities and states are doing more harm than good to our country, even if they don’t realize it. California seems to be explicitly aware of its actions regardless of the consequences. Throughout 2018, the state released numerous illegal immigrants charged with crimes ranging from DUI to attempted murder.

California Liberals are releasing dangerous illegals back into the populace WITHOUT complying with ICE. You can see a list of some of these dangerous criminals in the ICE report linked in the Tweet below.

State authorities are supposed to comply with ICE when an illegal immigrant is arrested for committing a crime. Many of these individuals were arrested and released MULTIPLE times. These are the kinds of voters Democrats are using to sway elections in their favor. No wonder the Left is crumbling.

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