Daily Hot Picks — July 13th

R. Kelly Charged with Multiple Sexual Assault Charges

Celebrity drama never ends. It’s usually reserved to tabloids and overly-sensational news stories. These latest charges against R. Kelly, however, are no joking matter.

The amount and variety of sexual allegations against the famous rapper are breathtaking. He’s even involved with child pornography. Disgusting.

Finally, victims of R. Kelly’s absolutely deplorable and unacceptable behavior are being vindicated.

America has no home for sex offenders.

Facebook Censors Pro-Life Ads Before Ireland Votes on Abortion

Facebook’s assault against freedom of speech is more than about controlling the conversation; it’s about political expediency. The tech giant started pulling advertisements for pro-life movements just before Ireland was set to vote on abortion bills.

This is what censorship of the future looks like.

Facebook and other social media companies routinely target the Right. That includes Christian values (of which the Left has no replacement for). God keeps track of everything we do — let’s pray that Facebook comes to their senses one day.

Opioid Maker Pays Largest Settlement to Date

A significant contributor to America’s opioid epidemic just got hit with the hardest settlement to date.

Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB Group) is set to pay $1.4 billion to the government to cease investigations into their “addiction treatment medication.” They’re also paying $700 million to civil settlements and an additional $50 million to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The fraudulent drug dealers finally got hit where it hurts — their wallet.

There’s still so much more we need to do to combat the opioid epidemic, but this massive settlement is a step in the right direction.

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