Daily Hot Picks — July 12th

Iran Attempts to Forcibly Stop a UK Oil Tanker

Iran continues to dance along the line that could lead to all-out war. This week Iranian forces tried to stop a UK oil tanker in the Persian Gulf. They backed off after another UK warship points their cannons at the Iranian forces.

No one knows when Iran will end its callous behavior. A major conflict seems likely if Iran doesn’t get its act together. Time will tell. Hopefully, the world can avoid the worst possible outcome.

Lefties Consider Christian Values “Objectifying Women”

The Left’s war on religion might wage on forever. Their latest attack on Christain morality involves reporter Larrison Campbell and her request to follow Rep. Robert Foster (R-MS) and his campaign trail. He denied Campbell’s request unless she brought another man along with her.

Liberals are crying over nothing. A common Christian practice involves married men refusing to spend time with another woman in private. VP Mike Pence has the same agreement with his wife. A man and woman have a sacred bond that should be upheld above all others (except God).

This isn’t about refusing to be friendly — it’s about men fully dedicating themselves to the centerpiece of their daily experience: their wife.

When did following moral tradition turn into objectifying women?

Google Really Is Spying — Humans Listen to Your Unauthorized Voice Recordings

Anyone with a Google Assistant may want to reconsider their purchase. If you value your privacy, then you need to know that Google records your conversations with your device. Paid workers listen to some of those interactions at a later date to gather information.

If you value your freedom and safeguarding your personal information, then you may want to disable and remove Google Assistant devices from your home. There’s no telling what people on the other end are doing with your private data.

This is how the surveillance state starts: with your consent.

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