Daily Hot Picks — July 11th

New Orleans Flash Flood; More Water on the Horizon

Hurricane Katrina was devastating to New Orleans. Will this weekend’s tropical storm be a repetition of history?

The video above is the result of a mere 6 to 10 inches of rain over the course of about an hour. Most streets cannot be driven on and people are kayaking outside of their homes. But, the worst may still be on its way. According to weather reports, the Mississippi River is expected to crest at 20 feet — the same height as the levees.

We hope New Orleans residents stay safe in the face of this oncoming storm.

AOC Getting Away With Blocking Twitter Users

The Second Court of Appeals ruled that elected officials cannot block users from their Twitter accounts. This affected Trump when he attempted to silence toxic critics who provided nothing of value to the conversation. Yet, AOC (D-NY) (somehow) is getting away with blocking individuals from her profile.

Talk about double standards.

These left-leaning tech companies don’t have our interests in mind. They only care about their own bottom line and their own political agendas. Conservatives don’t fit into that category, but AOC and her crony crew do.

When will Twitter stop getting away with breaking the law?

Trump Ramps Up Sanctions on Iran

The Iran Nuclear Deal signed under Obama was a terrible idea. Trump recognized that fact, so he pulled out of the deal earlier this year. Then, Iran allegedly attacked two oil tankers last month. Thankfully, none of the crew were injured, though the ships were disabled.

Trump didn’t stand by idly as the violent nation got away with their purported actions. He implemented sanctions against Iran until they came to the negotiating table. Iran continues to refuse to talk to Trump, so he’s increasing the pressure — by adding more sanctions.

Hopefully, Iran will come to its senses. Until then, they’ll have to deal with even more economic pressure.

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