Daily Hot Picks — July 10th

Ross Perot Passes Away at Age 89

Ross Perot, a political legend, has passed away at the age of 89. He’s struggled with leukemia since February. We pray that his family is at peace and coping with their tragic loss.

Perot is going down in history as the most successful independent presidential candidate ever to run. He ran against George Bush and Bill Clinton — Perot took a whopping 19% of American voters in the 1992 election! He wanted an America that was deficit-free and wanted jobs to stay on our soil.

Ross Perot’s impact on politics won’t soon be forgotten.

Trump Can’t Block Naysayers From His Own Twitter

The Second Court of Appeals ruled that Trump isn’t allowed to block critics on his own Twitter account.

Sure, Twitter is a privately-owned company; they can do whatever they want with their digital property. But, how is this ruling tolerable when more and more people rely on social media for their news? Trump regularly updates the country on important matters through his account, so why shouldn’t he be allowed to block naysayers who spew lies and hateful comments?

Twitter is playing a dangerous game with the First Amendment.

Is Harris Propped Up by Obama Supporters?

Obama was the first black president. Now, Harris is looking to be the first black woman president. Surely there can’t be any special interests groups these two have in common, right?

It’s not far-fetched to believe that premise given all the shady backroom deals Dems are so accustomed to. Harris is taking a big chunk of Joe Biden’s support in light of the first DNC debate. She brought race into the picture, which is a sure win for minority voters. But, there may be something bigger at play if her poll rankings keep skyrocketing.

We’ll keep an eye on Harris’ political progress and look for anything sketchy surrounding her rise in popularity.

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