Daily Hot Picks — August 9th

America and UK Form Dynamic Duo to Protect Strait of Hormuz

Iran’s childish backlash against the world (especially the US) is rooted in its financial insecurity. The troubled nation is dealing with problems like an angry bully on a playground. So, the US and UK have teamed up to promise safe passage to all ships traveling through this highly lucrative waterway.

Meanwhile, countries across the world are attempting to speak on behalf of what the US plans to do. France is among them and Trump is having none of it. He sets the record straight and sets America apart from any falsehoods France may have proclaimed about our intentions with Iran:

McConnell’s Twitter Account Locked; GOP Freezes Funding

Senator Mitch McConnell’s campaigning Twitter account was locked after sharing a video of protestors screaming outside of his house. Though they didn’t directly threaten McConnell’s physical safety, their words showed their true intentions. All of this takes place after McConnell’s shoulder injury.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) stands against this discrimination by joining fellow Republicans in revoking their funding to Twitter.

Tech giants want the monopoly on public messaging, but at the end of the day, they need money to run. A mass exodus of funding will hopefully remind Twitter of their responsibility to the public discourse. If Twitter isn’t going to respect the First Amendment, then they shouldn’t receive money for that behavior.

Mark Esper Discusses Strategy With Mongolia and Receives Gift Horse

Mark Esper paid a visit to Mongolia to discuss crucial international policies with its leaders. Mongolia (located between China and Russia) is an extremely strategic country to be on good terms with. Though details of Esper’s proceedings are scarce, the country doesn’t intend to take any strong sides with anyone in particular.

Aside from the diplomatic outcome, this is a visit Esper won’t soon forget. He received a seven-year-old horse as a very generous gift. Esper named the horse Marshall after General George Marshall, the former US Defense Secretary.

Marshall will remain in Mongolia to live a happy life and be there to greet Esper during his next visit. Maybe Esper will ride him, too!

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