Daily Hot Picks — August 8th

White House Hosting Roundtable on Online Extremism

8chan’s involvement in the unhindered promotion of violent extremist ideology can’t go unnoticed. Our country needs to figure out how to effectively combat extremist rhetoric surfacing from the darkest corners of the internet. That’s why the White House is hosting a roundtable on online extremist activity and how to fight it.

Exact details of what the meeting will cover are still unknown, but it will occur this week. All we know is that some major tech and internet companies will attend and look for meaningful solutions. We’ll keep you posted on whatever progress is made during this highly necessary roundtable.

Trump’s Visit to El Paso and Dayton Disrupted by Protestors

Instead of supporting survivors of the mass shootings last weekend, the Left made everything about their political agenda. Lefties used Trump’s visit to El Paso and Dayton as an excuse to blatantly insult him and push extremist gun control policies. Trump tries to heal the country while Liberals keep dividing America.

When will the Left wake up and realize that we’re all in this together? They can’t keep blaming one person for all wrongdoings in our nation and pretending that’s a solution. Trump knows the answers; it’s up to the Left to listen to our incredibly talented leader.

President Freezes Foreign Aid Funds for Review

Trump keeps discovering new ways to reel in our national debt thanks to potentially unnecessary government programs. He’s placed a temporary freeze on foreign aid funds while his administration determines the usefulness of spending between $2 to $4 billion to help other countries. This is a small part of the budgets of the State Department and the US Agency for International Development. If they can’t account for and justify the funds in question, the money allocation can be rescinded.

American families are still living on the streets; how can Liberals justify spending billions on strangers instead of our own?

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