Daily Hot Picks — August 7th

Four Missiles Launched by North Korea in Two Weeks

North Korea continues testing its new missile systems in spite of the opinions of global powers. Their South Korean neighbors failed to identify the newest missiles tested. Thankfully, these missile tests result in no injuries or casualties because they’re launched into uninhabited parts of the ocean.

Rest assured, however, the world is watching North Korea to ensure they don’t step out of line.

Sen. John McCollister to Leave GOP; Republicans Encourage Departure

If Republicans are so unhappy with their party, then why don’t they register as Democrats instead?


That’s the crux of the issue surrounding Sen. John McCollister (R-IL). He appears to be a Democrat in Republican’s clothing at this point. McCollister has been dragging out his identity crisis for years and he’s only considering leaving the GOP when other Republicans jump ship.

The pushback against him doesn’t come out of nowhere, though. He’s spreading lies that Republicans are “enabling white supremacy.” Fellow GOP members have offered to send John a voter registration form to expedite the process for him to become a Democrat. Maybe then John will finally feel at home and cease criticizing his own party.

Heartwarming! 11-Year-Old Boy Starts Campaign to Help El Paso Victims

We have an incredibly inspirational story to finish off the day. An 11-year-old boy just started a campaign encouraging the El Paso community to help victims of this weekend’s shooting. He calls for every person to perform a random act of kindness for every casualty suffered by the city.


Perhaps El Paso can find peace and solace through these unprovoked acts of generosity and compassion. If a young boy can do it, then so can every citizen of the community!

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