Daily Hot Picks — August 3rd

US Backs Out of Cold War Treaty Violated by Russia

It’s becoming increasingly clear that some international treaties simply aren’t worth the effort when other parties don’t hold up their end. Russia has been violating a Cold War-era missile treaty for years. They refused to comply with our request to honor the treaty just six months ago.

At this point, it’s obvious that Russia will never comply with this missile treaty, so the US decided to back out of this failed agreement.

America is testing new missile systems directed at countering any potential hostilities initiated by China. This is one more step President Trump is taking to secure America from threats across the globe.

Ex-Google Conservative Fired — Reports Workplace Bullying

Google’s censorship of the Right goes beyond its public policies. The tech giant’s suppression of conservative thinking is baked right into its company culture. Kevin Cernekee recently exposed the hostilities and “bullying” of conservatives in the workplace.

Kevin is brave for revealing Google’s anti-Right bias to the public, but his actions don’t come without a cost. He’s already racked up about $100,000 in legal fees alleging wrongful termination based on his political beliefs. When the Left can’t silence their critics they bring them down with overwhelming legal fees.

All of these actions come from the same company with the motto “don’t be evil.”

Fake News Says Trump Tariffs Makes iPhones $7,500

CNN reporter Joe Johns seems to have forgotten basic math. He believes that a 10% increase in tariffs will jack up the price of a $1,000 iPhone to $7,500. Somehow that was the best criticism on Trump’s additional tariffs on China Joe could come up with.

This isn’t a joke.

That’s the kind of fake news organizations like CNN publish. They want nothing more than website traffic and ad revenue at the cost of journalistic integrity. Maybe CNN needs to hire better reporters, or maybe they need to send them all back to math class.

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