Epstein Case Closed After Victim Hearings

Epstein Case Closed After Victim Hearings

Victims simultaneously rejoiced and were filled with anxiety when Jeffrey Epstein apparently committed suicide earlier this month. On one hand, they can live their lives knowing that the billionaire sexual predator will never threaten anyone again. However, Epstein victims were unsure if their testimonies would ever see the light of day.

The case against Epstein should have closed on August 10th, the day of his death. However, District Judge Richard Berman continued the hearings to allow the prosecutors and victims to have their statements officially heard and recorded. After everyone had their chance to testify, Berman closed the case under the rule of abatement.

This wasn’t what all of Epstein’s victims expected, but we hope now they can have a sense of closure and find some peace.

8,600 Troops to Stay in Afghanistan

The deal with the Taliban was never going to be ideal, but President Trump is playing the long game. The number of soldiers stationed in Afghanistan is being reduced from 14,000 to 8,600. Although the deal doesn’t bring back all US troops from the region, there’s solid reasoning behind the president’s decision.

If the Taliban were to ever attack Americans again, we’ll have a response team sitting at their front door ready to retaliate with overwhelming force.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) believes that going below 8,600 would be “really risky.” Trump is leaving the right amount of ground forces to ensure peace and stability within Afghanistan. Thank you, President Trump, for keeping America’s best interests at heart!

China Sends More Military to Hong Kong

China keeps anywhere between 6,000 and 10,000 troops in Hong Kong at all times, though they’re hesitant to disclose exact numbers. They regularly rotate out soldiers, but the world is paying closer attention to this “routine” rotation. This could be the perfect disguise for stationing additional military forces given the recent democratic uprisings in Hong Kong.

This source claims that city cameras never capture any troops rotating OUT of Hong Kong at 4 am. Some people claim it’s normal for Chinese forces to spend a few days together before the previous guard ships out. Details of this situation are sparse, but if China is going to make a move, then this is their time.

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