Daily Hot Picks — August 2nd

UNBELIEVABLE: Chinese Army Practices Violently Shutting Down Protestors

China’s latest military propaganda video is shocking the world. A three-minute video showing standard military training drills was released recently. Everything is propaganda as usual until the watcher realizes that nearly a full minute is dedicated to training grounds for violently taking down protestors.

China’s intention is clear given the context — this is a direct threat to Hong Kong protestors. It’s a warning of the violence they’ll experience if their protests continue. Dissenting voices cannot be tolerated in such an authoritarian environment.

Free speech is the enemy to the ‘benevolent” Chinese government. To us, the First Amendment is sacred. This video is more proof that American values can never align with China.

Trump Unconcerned About North Korean Missile Tests

North Korea recently conducted two separate tests on their new short-range missiles. The projectiles flew harmlessly into the ocean, but the rest of the world is concerned about the implications of North Korea having functioning missiles. Trump, on the other hand, isn’t concerned in the slightest.

Trump calls it business as usual and “very standard.” He never came to an agreement about short-range missiles with North Korea, but Trump is keeping an eye open for any funny business. The president clearly has this under control, so let’s trust his judgment on this one.

Congress Budget Deal Increases Military Spending

Trump is expected to sign the new budget proposal that would increase the military budget and the debt ceiling. Some Republicans are concerned about the implications of this budget deal, but Trump reassures them that funds can be cut later. It’s harder to get funding bills passed than it is to trim the fat later.

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