Is North Korea Building a Sub to Launch Nuclear Missiles?

Is North Korea Building a Sub to Launch Nuclear Missiles?

Brand new satellite data reveals a submarine under construction in North Korea. Could it be armed with nuclear missiles once it’s fully operational? We can’t tell for sure yet, but it’s very possible given Kim Jong-un’s obsession with testing multiple types of missiles.

Experts claim that North Korea’s submarine still has at least one year until it’s ready for action, yet Kim is attempting to delude his population into believing that it’ll be ready much sooner. Either way, this is a new North Korean danger that the world will have to deal with soon.

Dorian Upgrades to Hurricane Status

Dorian, which was previously a tropical storm, has been upgraded as it continues to grow in intensity. Based on the storm’s current trajectory, it will reach Florida as a category three hurricane, likely on Monday afternoon. Please ensure that your friends and family are safe and prepared for when Dorian makes landfall.

Keep an eye on this hurricane tracker so that your family is ready for a hurricane! Get out of town if at all possible. If you’re stuck in place, then follow this checklist to ensure you’re well-stocked and ready to ride out the storm.

Trump Campaign Thrashes AOC

The Left’s call for abolishing the electoral college is one of the greatest threats to our democracy. AOC is extremely vocal about ending this method of fair representation, and the Trump campaign isn’t putting up with her antics anymore. They just blasted her in a recent email urging individuals to petition for the preservation of the electoral college.

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently called for abolishing the Electoral College. Remind her that this country belongs to AMERICANS from EVERY zip code, not just the Coastal Elites and Liberal Mega Donors. This is our country, not theirs.

-Trump Campaign

America does, in fact, belong to all of us, not just the Liberals. Removing the electoral college would make it much easier for Democrats to win elections and create their socialist “paradise.” In reality, the electoral college is one of the few things keeping the Left from destroying our great nation.

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