US Troops in Afghanistan Could Be on Their Way Home

US Troops in Afghanistan Could Be on Their Way Home

Final arrangements between the US, the Taliban, and the Afghan government are expected to wrap up this week. President Trump’s goal for a peaceful withdrawal from the nation is so close after nearly one year of tireless negotiations. Americans who believe we’ve been in Afghanistan for far too long are rejoicing.

However, some Taliban leaders (who demanded anonymity) say that there will never be peace between them and the Afghan government. Here’s a glimpse of some downtime before their next attack on the Afghan state.

Liberals keep saying that the president is pandering to the Taliban when that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Trump re-asserts that, while US troops won’t be available, America will support the Afghani government after the deal is struck. The Left should be happy that we’re leaving the country, so why do they keep trying to pick fights with the president who is bringing our soldiers back home?

Russian Nuclear Blast Most Likely a Reactor

Russia has been less than forthcoming with the details about an explosion at one of its military testing facilities earlier this month. Doctors tested positive for radioactive isotopes that could have either been part of a nuclear explosion or a radiation detection device. Now, more evidence reveals that it was almost certainly a nuclear reactor that exploded.

Joshua Pollack, a Norwegian expert on nuclear devices, stated that the isotopes detected are byproducts of a nuclear fission chain reaction. Meanwhile, Russian officials claim that the Cesium-137 detected in one of their doctors was part of something they ate.

It’s incredible how far Russia will go to fruitlessly attempt to cover up their atrocities.

Melania Is Apparently “Ready to Risk It All”

The internet decided to latch onto an expertly-taken photograph of President Trump and Melania’s attendance at the G-7 summit. More specifically, Lefties are trying to spin the narrative that Melania is trying to cozy up to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau behind the president’s back. As always, Liberals are always grasping for straws, but this is a new low.

Here’s the image in question of “Melania ready to risk it all.”

What the Left isn’t mentioning is that Melania and Trudeau air-kissed each other on the cheek. Obviously, (though not to the LIberals) this is a standard greeting gesture for world leaders. Leftists claim they’re “joking” with this half-hearted attempt to get under Trump’s skin, but if this is the best they can come up with they need a new sense of humor.

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