Trump to Sign Trade Deal With Japan Soon

Trump to Sign Trade Deal With Japan Soon

President Trump continues to bring more prosperity and business back to hard-working Americans. Japan and the US will soon finalize a trade deal that will have incredibly positive impacts on American farmers and ranchers. Digital trade industries will also greatly benefit from this agreement.

Japan has historically had issues growing their own food (especially corn) and raising livestock. They suffer from a lack of farmland and resilient pests. Trump is capitalizing on this excellent opportunity for American citizens.

Fine details of the agreement are being hammered out and the president expects the deal to go into effect during the United Nations General Assembly meeting in September. Thank you, President Trump, for continuing to create the best economy in the world!

Anti-Trump Journalists In for a Surprise

The Liberal media has had enough of a field day at Trump’s expense. They’ve been at the president’s throat for almost three years — and they’re about to get a taste of their own medicine.

First, President Trump has been saving tweets that are clearly biased against him and his policies. The database is growing by the day so that Trump can point out the hypocrisy of the next Leftist who tries to spread fake news. Thankfully, it’s not hard for the president to find these “unsightly” Liberal tweets.

The second measure against fake news promoters is a loose, unofficial collection of Conservatives who are looking to discredit Liberal journalists and media outlets. Arthur Schwartz, an informal adviser to Donald Trump Jr., is one of the central figures in this operation. They’ve already exposed journalists from CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Fake news isn’t ready for what’s about to hit them hard as the 2020 race ramps up.

China Uses Live Rounds Against Hong Kong Protestors

This shocking news is merely more proof that China’s intolerant authoritarian ways are about to light the powder keg that is Hong Kong.

Chinese police fired live ammo in response to protestors for the first time during this year’s pro-democracy demonstrations. The police fired a warning shot into the air, which thankfully didn’t injure anyone. China has threatened to increase military presence in the city.

However, tensions are extremely high in Hong Kong. Below is a clip of an officer pointing a gun at a protestor begging for his life. The officer showed “mercy” by kicking him instead.

These kinds of scenarios are becoming more commonplace as protests continue. Hopefully, Hong Kong can avoid devolving into chaos if China makes the wrong move.

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