Daily Hot Picks — August 24th

David Koch Passes Away

David Koch’s death marks a sad day for America. David and Charles Koch have been major players in the fossil fuel industry and political networking circles for decades. Losing David to prostate cancer creates an impact that everyone across the political spectrum will feel.

The two brothers’ influence on right-wing politics cannot be understated. They’ve supported capitalist and libertarian ideas throughout the years. The two brothers have also helped many Republican politicians with funding through their “Koch network” filled with like-minded investors who want America to prosper.

Of course, when someone on the Right dies, the Left doesn’t hesitate to make it all about them. Liberals are celebrating David’s death by saying things like “only one more to go.” It’s more proof that the Left only tolerates those who conform to their ideology.

Chicago Mugger Picks Wrong Victim

Boxer Claire Quinn, a Golden Gloves champion, made her way to the gym last weekend with only a cell phone in her hand. A teenager asked her for directions to the nearest Nike store, to which she answered. Moments later an older man sucker-punched her in the head and demanded her phone.

Little did the man know that he just picked a fight with a boxing champion. Quinn briefly staggered before clutching her phone and using her other fist to punch the man’s groin repeatedly. The two exchanged a few blows before the assailant drove off with the teenager.

No arrests have been made yet. Quinn suffered a concussion and hopes to return to the ring by October. This story, while somewhat amusing, highlights the importance of learning self-defense.

Women are especially vulnerable to violent assaults, and we encourage our readers to learn how to protect themselves and their families. You don’t NEED a gun to protect yourself, though it certainly helps. Self-defense comes in many forms including martial arts classes, practicing skepticism towards strangers and developing a strong sense of situational awareness.

Department of Justice Mistakenly Emails White Nationalist Link

Immigration court employees received a shocking email this week. The DOJ sends out emails with links to stories about immigration news on a regular basis. One of the latest emails included a link to a white nationalist blog post that specifically targeted immigration judges.

The DOJ apologized for the accidental inclusion of an extremist blog post in the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) newsletter. Their morning news briefings are compiled and created by contractors. Clearly, someone didn’t properly supervise or bother to check the news links that morning.

Here’s to yet another example of why we can’t expect our government to do anything correctly.

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