Daily Hot Picks — August 23rd

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Will Attend Xfinity Race

The Earnhardt father and son combo may be the most influential NASCAR drivers in history. Earnhardt Sr. (aka “The Intimidator”) revolutionized the sport with his highly-aggressive driving style that produced results. Earnhardt Jr. continued his father’s legacy by winning countless races and winning the most popular NASCAR driver award 15 years in a row.

The Earnhardts’ racing careers were riddled with near-death crashes. Earnhardt Sr.’s death in the 2001 Daytona 500 race was the catalyst for his son’s NASCAR career shortly afterward. Jr. has seen plenty of crashes himself on the racetrack and has always gotten back on the road.

Earlier this month, Earnhardt Jr.’s plane slid off of a runway and caught fire. He and his family exited the plane safely, but Jr. suffered some back injuries. Now, he’s determined to drive in the Xfinity race in Darlington in spite of his injuries.

NASCAR fans across the country eagerly await his performance on the speedway and wish him a healthy recovery.

South Korea Breaks off Intelligence Deal With Japan

South Korea and Japan have shared information amongst each other about North Korea’s activities. Earlier in August the two nations began squabbling over trade deals and have since remained extremely uncooperative. America is attempting to reconcile their differences, but it’s a long and tedious process.

South Korea decided to break its intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan this week as part of the trade disputes. Now, Japan has lost an important source of classified information about North Korea’s volatility. Good relations between South Korea and Japan is an essential part of promoting peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and surrounding areas.

Hopefully, the two long-standing US allies will see eye-to-eye again soon.

Inslee Drops Out of DNC 2020 Race

Washington Governor Jay Inslee realized that he didn’t stand a chance at winning the DNC presidential nomination. He was already struggling to qualify for the next DNC debates. So, Inslee decided to cut his losses and return home to oversee his Liberal state.

Fellow Democrats praise Inslee for his plans to combat the perceived climate crisis. Although Inslee is clearly a Leftist, do you believe his ideas on combating climate change are worth considering or are they ultimately self-defeating? Tell us in the comments!

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