Daily Hot Picks — August 22nd

Amazonian Rainforest Fires Block the Sun

Forest fires are natural and expected. But, the burning rate of recent wildfires in the Amazon is faster than ever. The smoke is so thick that it blocks out the sun in entire cities and can be seen from space.

What’s perhaps more shocking is that lack of press coverage of these fires, which have been raging for three weeks. And even though it seems like Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president, didn’t want anyone to know, it’s hard to hide a secret so big that space satellites can take pictures of it.


Bolsonaro has attempted to suppress hard facts that show deforestation rates are up 88% this June when compared to a year ago. He even fired the director of Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) who presented Bolsonaro with the satellite data. Bolsonaro seems to have a vested (business?) interest in promoting deforestation practices and policies.

Republican Steve King Will Run for Re-Election “Unless I’m Dead”

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) just made a pledge to attempt to always hold his spot in the House as long as he’s alive. That’s some true Republican spirit if we’ve ever seen it. King is one of the most outspoken opponents to abortion rights, which may be what he’s most widely known for.

King also called out Democrats and Republicans alike for getting in the way of his re-election campaigns. Of course, the Liberal media is out to get him as well. If one thing’s for sure, King won’t let go of his House seat without a fierce fight.


Trump to Take a Serious Look at Ending Birthright Citizenship

Trump recently announced his intentions to end the birthright citizenship loophole in our immigration system. It was one of Trump’s campaign promises that he hasn’t been able to get around to until now.

For anyone who needs a quick refresher, the primary loophole abused by birthright citizenship rights is dubbed “birth tourism.” When a non-native child is born within the US, that child gains citizenship. This doesn’t at all seem like an intended consequence of the 14th Amendment.

People call it “birth tourism” because there are businesses (especially in California) who offer room and board for pregnant immigrants to have their child on US soil. Immigrants can’t be arrested for simply visiting the US legally, but they’re abusing the circumstances of their visit. Trump will take a closer look at ending this loophole soon.


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