Daily Hot Picks — August 21st

Williamson’s New Department of Peace Announced

Presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson just unveiled her latest policy proposal: the “Department of Peace.” Her idea is that we should invest in peaceful policies to counteract the war and violence in our country and across the world. It’s not difficult to imagine Williamson surrounded by crystals and gemstones announcing this new government entity given her rhetoric and beliefs.

Williamson’s proposal doesn’t sound so bad on paper; in fact, it sounds a lot like the hippie movement’s focus on love and peace. That also sounded great until their half-baked ideas hit the ground.

However good Williamson’s intentions are, we must remember how the “tolerant Left” treats those who disagree with them. This Department of Peace won’t just be about the promotion of peace as a concept; it will be about the Left’s specific version of peace. Under their authority, those who don’t act peacefully will be forced to act peacefully.

Warren’s Criminal Justice Plan Would Repeal Biden’s 1994 Law

Almost Every DNC candidate seems to want a piece of Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is no exception. She decided to join the action by taking shots at Biden’s 1994 crime law.

Warren’s criminal justice reform policy would repeal the law while only saving certain sections. Namely, policies relating to domestic violence will be kept. She believes the rest of it has to go.

Here’s a compilation of the top three DNC candidates’ criminal justice reform plans:

Biden continues to enjoy a significant lead in DNC candidate support polls while attacking him seems to be the flavor of the month. Let’s see if that tactic pays off for underdogs like Warren.

Facebook Guilty of Censoring Pro-Trump Ad

Facebook is censoring the Right once again. This time, it’s a Women for Trump advertisement that the tech company has pulled from their site. Below is a picture of the ad:

What was their excuse this time? Facebook says the ad was inappropriate because it “asserts or implies personal attributes” upon the viewer — in this case, gender. Do they not get that the name of the group is WOMEN for Trump? Or is Facebook saying they don’t want content that targets “strong women?”

Yet again, content that’s based around one’s personal identity is only allowed when it fits into a Liberal narrative.

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