Daily Hot Picks — August 20th

Over 200 Killed or Wounded by Islamic State at Kabul Wedding

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for attacking a wedding in Kabul, Afghanistan this past weekend. This suicide bombing resulted in 63 deaths and 182 others wounded. This is the terrorist organization’s latest attempt to re-establish its foothold in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, President Trump is working on a way to remove US forces from Afghanistan that results in the least amount of bloodshed. The unfortunate truth is that there will be violence whether America has a presence in the region or not. Political analysts say that a continued US presence in the country will result in more instability, though.

Officer Responsible for Eric Garner’s Death Fired

Daniel Pantaleo was recently terminated from his position in the NYPD five years after the death of Eric Garner. Pantaleo utilized a lethal chokehold on Garner, which spurred the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement to protest Garner’s death. BLM reactionaries attempted to take matters into their own hands at that time because they couldn’t wait for justice to be served.

Pantaleo’s removal from the police force proves that judgement will come to those who deserve it. Some cases may take longer than others, but the law of the land will always be upheld in the end.

Russia Continues to Cover Up Nuclear Missile Explosion

Conspiracy theories are running wild in the midst of a disastrous Russian nuclear missile test. Some claim this is Chernobyl 2.0 while others say that this is merely a routine missile launch gone wrong. Either way, the Russian government is hiding something, as per usual.

Patients entered hospitals shortly after the blast for treatment. Unsurprisingly, the doctors weren’t informed that their patients were just involved in a nuclear accident. In fact, Russian authorities forced doctors to sign non-disclosure agreements in an attempt to suppress the truth:

However, many doctors were flown to Moscow for testing. Edwin Lyman, a nuclear safety expert in Washington D.C., commented that Caesium-137, a byproduct of Uranium-235 fission reactions, was found in one of the doctor’s muscle tissues. The Caesium could have come from a nuclear blast or from a radiation detection device.

Whatever happened at the Russian naval testing facility is apparently worth covering up. It’s only a matter of time before the truth reveals itself. We’ll keep you posted as more details roll in.

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