Daily Hot Picks — August 1st

Missile Testing Ramps Up in North Korea

South Korea watches with anxiety as their northern neighbors accelerate test flights on their new short-range missiles. Two separate and successful tests took place this week with North Korea launching them into uninhabited parts of nearby oceans. While no one was hurt, North Korea is putting everyone on edge as military tensions rise across the globe.

Liberals Sue Missouri Over Abortion Law

Dems continue their assault on the sanctity of life. Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) teamed up to challenge Missouri’s 8-week abortion ban. The results from this case will affect all of the dubbed “heartbeat” bans passed in other states.

The extremely Liberal organizations argue that mothers can’t even tell if they’re pregnant before eight weeks. That doesn’t alter the fact that those women are carrying a human being that needs love and nurturing to survive. The Left’s crusade for “personal freedom” comes at the expense of dismissing the reverence of human life that all Americans should share.

Rabid Liberals Harass Ted Cruz at Airport

Here’s an example of what the Left calls “freedom of speech.”

Leftists heckled Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his family at an airport during their vacation. Cruz stopped for a photo shoot with a fan which quickly turned into a crowd yelling about the border. It’s incredible that the crowd wasn’t immediately dispersed by security when the Liberals started chanting extremely loudly.

What a sad state of affairs when a Senator can’t even find peace during a family vacation.

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