Daily Hot Picks — August 17th

Cause of Massive Farm Fires in Iraq Unknown

Iraqi farmers were able to stockpile enough wheat to become self-sufficient earlier this month. ISIS withdrawing from farmland regions provided a brief respite from the constant conflict raging in the Middle East. Now, that security is threatened by massive fires destroying farmland at an alarming rate.

Farmers say they’ve never seen fires this large before. The Iraqi government, however, downplays the impact that the crop burnings have. Situations like the ones below tell the true story.

Iraq claims that these fires are caused by accidents and other natural causes. Farmers (who have seen the destruction first-hand for years) say otherwise. They say there’s something else causing gigantic billows of flame — anyone familiar with the region knows it’s not a far-fetched claim.

$3.4 Million in Fake Luxury Items Seized at LA Airport

A massive shipment of counterfeit luxury goods from Hong Kong was confiscated this week. If the criminals had gotten away with this scheme, they would have been an estimated $3.4 million richer. This shipment consisted of nearly 5,300 items including Gucci belts, Hermes handbags, and Nike shoes.

Recent developments in counterfeit detection technology are partially to thank for this $3.4 million catch. One New York startup utilizes AI and other techniques to spot fakes. Their tech has been immensely helpful to Dubai and other countries in their quest to keep fake luxury goods off the market.

Dems Call to Abolish Filibuster

When the Dems can’t get their way, they turn to changing laws to directly benefit their cause. Harry Reid, former Senate Majority Leader, calls for an end to the filibuster. Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren also wants to abolish this time-honored tactic.

The filibuster was created in 1806 and NOW Dems want it gone because they can’t easily pass their legislation. It’s a vital part of our democracy to ensure that the tyranny of the majority doesn’t entrench itself in American politics. There’s no telling how poorly our country would have turned out without the filibuster.

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