Daily Hot Picks — August 16th

Texas Gun Range Lambasted by Liberals Over Seasonal Discounts

The anti-gun crowd’s newest target is Boyert Shooting Center located in Katy, TX. They claim the gun range’s “back-to-school” discounts on gun education and safety courses are “insensitive” given the recent mass shootings. On the contrary, now is the perfect time to teach teens about respecting guns through shooting practice and comprehensive education.

Even some Leftists agree that fervorous anti-firearm groups could learn a thing or two from some shooting courses. It’s impossible to propose proper gun safety legislation without understanding what it is they’re attempting to regulate.

Take the initiative today! Teach your teens about proper gun safety and how to treat firearms with respect.

Tlaib and Omar Denied Visit to Israel

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) had planned to visit Israel next week. Their plans were ruined by Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, who barred the two extreme Democrats from entering the country. Trump openly supports Israel’s decision and called out the two Representatives on Twitter.

Liberals are calling this a threat to our democracy. How is supporting a separate country’s decision to maintain sovereignty within their borders a threat? Spoiler alert: It’s not!

CVS Harassment Over Mail-Order Birth Control Reimbursement

#CVSDeniesCare recently trended on Twitter after CVS’s decision to reduce the amount it reimburses companies that provide mail-order birth control pills. Individuals against this change in policy say that birth control prices will increase as a result and tens of thousands of women are expected to be affected by this new policy.

Pro-choice advocate Ilyse Hogue attacked the company’s decision. She also explains that women can’t always make it to a pharmacy on a monthly basis, especially those in rural areas.

Do you support CVS’s decision to reduce reimbursement for mail-order birth control pills? Should birth control be restricted, or should it be more accessible to women? Tell us your thoughts by commenting!

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