Daily Hot Picks — August 15th

[Breaking]: 6 Officers Wounded in Shootout in Philadelphia

Six officers were shot at the hands of an unknown gunman near Temple University in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Thankfully none of the injuries are lethal. At 12:08 am Thursday, the suspect was taken into custody and the SWAT team was clearing the house, according to Eric Gripp, a sergeant with Philadelphia Police:

This is a developing situation. We’ll keep you posted on any updates as they come in.

Gun Lockers Broken Into by Teens Across the Country

The shootings in El Paso and Dayton show that dangerous people are able to get ahold of firearms. Sometimes the shooters purchase their own guns, but most of the time they have other means of access. Teens are getting better at breaking into gun storage containers; here are just two recent examples to prove it.

Two teenagers were able to break into their high school’s gun locker and steal an AR-15 and a tactical vest. One was caught while the other is still at large with the gun and equipment.

Another young man was detained after posting threats online. The young man posted he would “shoot every federal agent in sight” along with countless extremist white nationalist posts. He recently moved in with his father who owned dozens of guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, and had 300 rounds sitting on the stairway.

We don’t have to pass anti-gun legislation to properly secure our weapons. Use storage containers and locks that are immune to bolt cutters. Keypad locks are excellent choices so long as you NEVER give out the combination to anyone.

If you don’t already have these types of firearm safety containers, then please spend the extra money on them. The lives of your friends, family and others in the community are far more valuable than any amount of money.

USPS Going Under; Is Government to Blame?

The USPS is an incredibly important courier service, so it’s in everyone’s best interest if it sticks around. Unfortunately, its volume of delivered packages has fallen for the first time in a decade. Why is that?

Put simply, excessive government intervention has destroyed the post office’s ability to be self-sufficient. Here’s a short and informative video explaining the ins and outs of how the USPS is subject to government regulation and how we can fix it.

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