Daily Hot Picks — August 13th

BREAKING: Scientists Discover Ebola Cure

The sheer number of scientific discoveries that improve our way of life is incredible. Our human drive to comprehend the world brings us everything from new appliances to spaceships. Now, the scientific community brings us a cure for a highly infectious and lethal disease: Ebola.

Ebola is extremely deadly; it kills half of those who become infected. Every medical researcher who contributed to this project earns our gratitude and prayers. They’ve just saved the lives of countless potential victims and spelled doom for another devastating disease.

Social Media Threat of “Biggest Mass Shooting” Under Investigation

America is still healing from the tragic shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Unfortunately, MSM constantly gives the shooters more attention than the victims. This inspires other deranged individuals to take action.

Recently, a user on Reddit, a prominent social media platform, threatened to shoot up a Walmart somewhere in Kansas or Missouri. Here’s a screenshot of his disturbing post.

Police are aware of this situation and are investigating who is responsible for this threat.

Last week a young man walked into a Missouri Walmart with an assault rifle and body armor and pushed a shopping cart around the store. He didn’t hurt anyone; his motive was to “test his Second Amendment rights.” Some believe this is the same person who made this post on Reddit, but there is insufficient evidence to make that connection.

Epstein Victims to Go After His Estate

The details of Epstein’s death are still cloudy and strange. What’s less ambiguous is the outrage of his victims. They want justice, and they’re looking for it in Epstein’s estate thanks to a New York law.

The details of what Epstein’s estate entails isn’t fully known. Aside from his mansions and private island, media outlets have been scarce on detailing exactly what his victims could be entitled to. Twitter user Ali Alexander suggests some lines of inquiry that reporters should investigate if they wish to get to the bottom of Epstein’s estate.

Hopefully, these investigations will bring some peace of mind to women abused by Epstein and his friends.

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