Daily Hot Picks — August 10th

Canada and the US Intercept Two Russian Bombers

This is believed to be the fifth incident this year. The Russian bombers were escorted away from our airspace shortly after being discovered by long-range detection equipment. Canadian and American military personnel are always standing vigilant at our borders to show Russia that we don’t have any weak spots.

These sorts of flybys have occurred since the Cold War days, but that doesn’t excuse Russia’s aggressive posturing.

Hong Kong Airport Shut Down by Protestors

Masses of protestors continue to disrupt the Hong Kong economy to fight back against Chinese totalitarianism. These demonstrations continue to be non-violent, but it’s unclear how much longer China will tolerate these disruptions and challenges to their authority. This weekend marks the 10th straight week of protest activities.

Mitch McConnell’s Twitter Reinstated

GOP members revoked funding to the social media company in protest of its unfair freeze placed on Mitch McConnell’s account. It only took a few days for Twitter to bring his account back online after he posted a video of protestors yelling threats outside of his house. It’s funny how quickly things get done when you hit a company directly in the wallet.

Maybe Lefties will respect Republicans a little more now that it’s clear the Right holds the economic keys to Twitter’s success.

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