Cuomo Takes Heat Over Nursing Home Report

( – New York’s Democrat governor found himself in hot water Tuesday, as scientists and health experts condemned a state report regarding coronavirus cases in nursing homes. Cuomo says his March 25th order sending COVID patients to nursing homes had nothing to do with the thousands of deaths that followed. Now, he’s waving the report around as evidence in his favor – but the experts say it isn’t the magic ticket Cuomo claims it is.


Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is trumpeting a state report into nursing home fatalities as evidence that his policies didn’t lead to thousands of unnecessary deaths.

  • Since late March, more than 6,000 residents have died in New York State nursing homes. Many have blamed this on Governor Cuomo’s March 25th decision to make the homes accept COVID patients who were medically stable. Cuomo has argued that the real cause was infected staff members spreading the disease.
  • Now, the State Department of Health has issued a report into the deaths, and it agrees with Cuomo – infected staff were the source, according to “in-depth analysis.”
  • However, leading epidemiologists are already querying the report and casting serious doubts on the quality of its research. Catherine Troisi, a researcher at the University of Texas, said, “Would this get published in an academic journal? No.”
  • One flaw is that while the report pins the blame on infected staff, it doesn’t look at how the staff got infected. The state health department seems to assume staff caught the virus and brought it to work – but it’s just as likely, given how little we still know about how it’s transmitted, they caught it from sick patients and passed it to healthy ones.
  • City University, NY epidemiologist Denis Nash also questioned the report; he told reporters that the state’s numbers don’t include people who caught COVID in nursing homes but died in a hospital. Nash says this is a “potentially huge” problem that could skew the whole report.
  • Several other disease experts have pointed out that even if infected staff did pass the disease to patients, that doesn’t absolve Cuomo from his part.

Cuomo is blaming “dirty politics” for the criticism of his policy, and he seems determined to use the report to clear his name. However, with the state health team’s work already beings shredded by scientists, it might not work out the way he’s hoping.

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