Cuomo Comes Down Hard — Again

Cuomo Comes Down Hard -- Again

( – Heavy-handed legislation has been a staple in certain states during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now you can add a New York policy to the list. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) issued an order allowing businesses to turn away customers who don’t wear face masks. He justified this decision by saying that the order will help reduce the spread of the virus.

According to his logic, people don’t have a right to endanger other people’s lives. However, this isn’t about denying what some believe is socially responsible behavior; it’s about maintaining our freedom to choose how we live our lives.

Thankfully, the order doesn’t require stores to throw out customers not wearing masks. It’s almost certain an order like that would be tossed out the window if it landed in a courtroom.

While businesses have a right to impose rules, consumers also have the right to decide if they want to patronize them based on those rules. Time will tell if the fight over masks will help or hurt small businesses.

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