Cringe-Worthy Moments in 2019

Cringe-Worthy Moments in 2019

As we come to the close of another year, it’s that time again. Time to reflect upon the triumphs, defeats and who could leave out — the sheer embarrassments of this year.

Before we head into a brand new decade and get ready for the upcoming presidential election, let’s look back on some of the moments in 2019 that just leave you scratching your head wondering “what were they thinking?!”

They weren’t apparently, but, we digress. Moving on…

Joe Biden’s Aggressive Stance on Violence

The former vice president made an obtuse comment when asked about the Violence Against Women Act in the fifth Democratic presidential primary debate. He claimed the best solution was to “keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it.”

Many in the audience chuckled at the irony, but he continued on oblivious to his horrific fumble. This shouldn’t surprise us, considering how oblivious he’s been his entire campaign. But yeah, yikes.

The Infamous Email Art Exhibit

Artist Kenneth Goldsmith’s new exhibit, “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails”, features the biggest waste of paper this year — 62,000 printed pages of the infamous Hillary emails.

Hillary herself stopped by for a photo op and sniped a quick tweet.

She also read some of her emails, showing what a joke she thinks the whole situation is.

When asked about the “art” exhibit, the former first lady claimed that the installation proves “There’s nothing wrong. There’s nothing that should have been so controversial.”

It certainly makes you question what qualifies as art…and if Hillary will ever have to pay for her crimes.

Joe Biden’s Party of 30

Here’s another cringe-worthy moment from the former vice president. Honestly, there are so many he could have filled this entire list!

In November, Biden held a campaign event in New Hampshire. During that time he decided to take a small hiatus from public speaking, probably due to the “punching at it” and other foot-in-mouth incidents. For whatever reason, he decided not to attend the event.

It appeared that he wasn’t the only one getting tired of his campaign. Only 30 people showed up to support him — ouch.

Perhaps the reason that Biden had such a poor turnout was that President Trump was also in the Granite State that day for his own rally. His crowd of supporters was over 11,500 people, a record-breaking number for Manchester’s Southern New Hampshire University Arena. We can certainly see who “trumped” the situation here!

The Impeachment Trial

The Democratic party has had its fair share of laughable objectives in 2019, but Nancy Pelosi’s witch hunt takes the cake for the most cringeworthy.

The House speaker initiated Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry on September 20th.

Pelosi later stated, “Politics is not even a consideration” in her decision to move forward with a trial, proving this is nothing more than a vendetta against the POTUS.

The ongoing trial has done little more than waste time and taxpayer’s money. But that’s not surprising when you consider who’s involved.

The Democrats’ desperate obsession has caused Congressional progress to slow down and has taken focus off trade legislation and funding bills. You know, things that will actually help American citizens.

Despite the fact that Trump was impeached, the entire circus has left Democrats with egg on their faces.

One can only hope as 2019 winds up and we look ahead to 2020 — and Trump winning another four years in office — that all the liberals will learn from their mistakes and lose gracefully. Since that probably won’t happen, we’ll have plenty of more cringeworthy moments to report in the future as the election really ramps up.

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