Crime Explodes in New York City After Devastating Police “Reform”

Crime Explodes in New York City After Devastating Police

( – New York City police unions and associations are speaking out in the wake of a recent surge in crime, reversing years of record-breaking declines. The frequency of murders, robberies, and assaults continue to rise in the wake of police reforms prompted by calls to “defund the police.”

Fox News reported on November 22 that homicides increased nearly 30% this year and citywide shootings nearly doubled. Subway assaults increased with two reported incidents of individuals being pushed on the track last week. A Brooklyn man surrendered to police on November 18 after thousands of people viewed a video of him firing a flamethrower while perched on top of a city bus.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the rise in crime, but police groups aren’t buying it. Police unions and benevolent associations say recent efforts to “defund the police” handicapped their efforts to make arrests. Criminal justice professor Alfred Titus Jr. agreed, attributing the trend to recent bail reform efforts and NYPD budget cuts as well as the pandemic.

Things will only get worse if New York City’s Democratic-led government continues defunding the police. It’s time for them to work with police officials to improve services instead of undermining them.

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