Crime and Trash Fight in NYC

Crime and Trash Fight in NYC

( – Since COVID-19 restrictions were slowly lifted in New York City, business groups and citizens have complained the situation was so dire people might not come back to the once-bustling city. It appears things have not improved.

In July, NYC cut $25 million from its sanitation department resulting in a 60% decrease in trash pickups. Additionally, Mayor Bill de Blasio jumped on the defund the police movement and cut $1 billion from the police budget.

Problems with trash and crime have gotten so bad, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is about to step in and force de Blasio to solve the problem. On Tuesday, September 29, Cuomo expressed deep concerns about the increase in violence. He said if the city doesn’t solve its problems, he will cut funding to the city designed to help them in their COVID-19 recovery efforts.

While expressing concern about gun shootings and violence, Cuomo also criticized the city for not ensuring the garbage is picked up. Trash can cause diseases to run rampant, and he called the situation a “public health pandemic.” The governor even offered to send in the National Guard to clean the trash.

One has to wonder what Mayor de Blasio thought would happen after the budget cuts. The situation certainly isn’t surprising anyone else.

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