New Crackdown On Iranians Entering US

Crackdown On Iranians Entering US

As Iran threatens to launch attacks against US targets, including a boast that they can even strike at the White House, the Trump administration has moved to protect the nation against Iranian terrorists. Iranians entering the US will be detained and investigated if there’s a suspicion they could be involved in terrorism.

Customs and Border Patrol were told Saturday that any Iranians who acted suspiciously or were adversarial with immigration officers were to be held and reported — regardless of their citizenship status. This has provoked howls of outrage from the Left, but it’s an obvious step to take considering Iran’s proven ability to launch terror attacks worldwide.

According to left-wing activists, more than 60 Iranians were detained, for up to 11 hours, at one border crossing in Washington State on Saturday night. It’s being reported that they were asked about their political opinions. Leftists on social media are discussing ways to obstruct CBP from doing their jobs, but so far there have been no reports of trouble at our borders.

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