COVID’s Destructive Effects on Prisons

COVID's Destructive Effects on Prisons

( – Life in prison isn’t supposed to be an easy ride, but it’s not supposed to put you at ground zero of a global pandemic either. The Wuhan coronavirus has found its way into the nation’s prisons, and thousands of inmates are sick. Prison staff members are working hard to slow the spread of infections, but there’s no doubt it’s a serious situation. Unfortunately, liberals might just have hit on the one way to make it even more of a disaster.


Tests of inmates in US state prisons have found that thousands are infected with the Chinese coronavirus – and the vast majority aren’t showing any symptoms.

  • When cases of COVID-19 started appearing in Ohio prisons, the state’s corrections department launched a mass testing program to find out how widespread the problem was. They found that, out of 2,300 inmates tested at the Marion Correctional Institution, a shocking 2,028 were infected with the virus – and almost 95% of them showed no symptoms.
  • Smaller mass testing programs were run in Arkansas, North Carolina and Virginia. Across the four states, 4,693 prisoners were tested; almost 70% came back positive, and 96% of those were asymptomatic.
  • The huge number of asymptomatic cases makes it almost impossible to isolate people who have the virus, and it seems inevitable that most inmates will catch it. The upside is that because only 1 in 25 shows any symptoms, prison clinics should be able to cope.
  • Unfortunately, liberals have jumped on the prison infection rate numbers to push their anti-prison agenda. Several states have released inmates they claim were low risk, with the idea being that letting them out early would protect both inmates and staff.
  • The people who got forgotten about were, as usual, the law-abiding public. So far, violent criminals released early have claimed at least two victims we know about.
  • A Brooklyn, NY, man detained at Rikers Island on suspicion of rape was released on April 15 as staff struggled to control the virus inside the prison. On April 25 he was arrested for attempting to rape another woman. He’s now back in jail awaiting charges.
  • Meanwhile, a 26-year-old Tampa, FL, man released last month from detention on drug charges has been rearrested on suspicion of homicide. He’s been charged with second-degree murder and possession of a firearm and drugs. Joseph Williams was let out on March 19; the murder took place on March 20.

Corrections officers are doing all they can to protect inmates from the disease – but the right place to do that is in prison. So far one man is dead and a woman has suffered a life-changing assault thanks to misguided compassion for convicts. That’s more than enough.

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