COVID Cases Spike In NYC; Mayor Denies Link To Protests

COVID Cases Spike In NYC; Mayor Denies Link To Protests

( – New York’s COVID-19 cases jumped dramatically Friday, reversing the downward trend of recent weeks. Some people are already pointing the finger at the mass protests and rioting that started just over a week ago, but Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is denying any link. Of course, a cynic might say he would deny any link…


At a press conference Friday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted that the city’s hospitals reported the number of patients with the Chinese coronavirus had jumped by 75% overnight.

  • New York has been one of the hardest-hit states in the country, with hospitals struggling to handle the number of victims. Controversially, Governor Cuomo (D) mandated COVID sufferers should be moved from hospitals to care homes, where up to 5,000 people have died.
  • However, recently the number of new infections has been falling, to the point where de Blasio released a plan to start reopening some non-essential businesses starting next Monday.
  • The mayor says that’s still on track to happen; his threshold for beginning to lift lockdown is having less than 200 people in the city’s hospitals with the virus. By Thursday the total was down to 48. Friday’s number was 84 – much higher, but still well below the threshold — for now.
  • De Blasio’s verdict on the increase was “I don’t like that,” but he also said he would be surprised if the mass protests, which thousands of people have taken part in, were behind the renewed spread of the disease. It usually takes around a week for symptoms to appear; New Yorkers started protesting over Floyd’s death late last week.
  • It’s unclear if de Blasio really believes this himself, because he went on to warn that “It is dangerous to be close together” and suggested that anyone who had been protesting should get tested.
  • State Governor Andrew Cuomo has often been critical of de Blasio, but this time he’s on the same side as his fellow Democrat. On Thursday, he said anyone who was at a protest should assume they’re infected, and warned that one carrier at a protest can infect hundreds.

De Blasio’s reluctance to condemn the protests could be related to his 25-year-old daughter being arrested last Saturday during an incident where around 100 protestors blocked streets and threw objects at police.

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