COVID-19 Wave Hits World Leaders

COVID-19 Wave Hits World Leaders

( – COVID-19 doesn’t just pose a threat to the average citizen of a country. It’s a huge threat to world leaders, and by extension their countries, because many of them are growing older. While presidents, prime ministers and kings across the globe are falling victim to the virus, America might need to adapt its strategies.

Saudis Under Threat

Saudi Arabian King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) were both quarantined after 150 members of the royal family tested positive for the virus. MBS is expected to be the next in the line of succession, and in March there was some odd activity that might have put the crown prince at risk. President Trump and MBS have worked well together during the last few years, so this news is concerning.

Trump, King Salman, and Russian President Vladimir Putin recently had a “good call” discussing cooperation with global oil trade.

UK Under Threat

The UK joins Saudi Arabia in the crisis of leadership. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to a general ward of the hospital on Friday, April 10, after being in an intensive care unit (ICU) since Monday, April 6. Johnson and Trump have gotten along well and have worked together closely, especially after Brexit and during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our close working international relationships and cordial talks might be in jeopardy if the Saudi king were to fall ill or if Boris Johnson’s condition worsens. Salman’s health hasn’t been the best and his loss could destabilize the power structure with one of our key Middle Eastern allies. Some of our closest political friends are having a rough time, to say the least, and the outcomes of their situations could have a measurable impact on the US.

Something we’ll be keeping an eye on.

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