COVID-19 Testing Successes

COVID-19 Testing Successes

( – As America reopens, states are looking at testing information to determine their next course of action. That information is being handily provided by the Trump administration. The president gave an update on what his team is doing and how he’s helping to protect the country.

According to President Donald Trump, by the end of this week, the US will have conducted more than 10 million tests for COVID-19. This is nearly twice the number of tests that any other nation has performed. It’s expected that by the end of May, over 12 million tests will have been conducted.

Additionally, states are getting $11 billion in testing funds from the CARES Act.

That’s just the short-term; the long-term picture is even better. Adm. Brett Giroir is overseeing the administration’s testing programs and says that as many as 40-50 million tests per month will be available by September if they are needed.

With more than 1.9 million tests per week being performed currently, there’s going to be plenty of COVID-19 testing data available to governors as they restart their economies. While testing is just one way to understand how the virus impacts America, it’s arguably the most vital. With America leading the world in testing capabilities, there’s little stopping us from quickly and safely rebuilding the economy.

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