Court Denies Dem Attempt to Expand Mail-In Voting

Court Denies Dem Attempt to Expand Mail-In Voting

( – The Democratic Party has been fighting hard to expand mail-in voting across the US. They are selling it as a “safer” alternative to casting a ballot at a polling place due to coronavirus concerns. Republicans disagree, and on September 10, they were handed a victory in court.

A three-judge panel for the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Democratic Party’s attempts to expand the program in Texas. They wanted to send ballots to all registered voters, arguing the state was discriminating against people based on their age.

The Lonestar state currently only allows some people with disabilities, those in jail or away from home, and people over age 65 to vote by mail.

The court disagreed, saying the law actually makes it easier for people to vote, it “does not abridge any person’s right to vote.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week in Georgia, officials announced at least 1,000 people cast both mail-in and in-person ballots, proving to people the system is confusing.

With less than two months to go before the election, changing the way people vote is a recipe for disaster. There just isn’t enough time to make sure the system is secure. This latest victory in court brings at least one state closer to election security.

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