Couple Sues Missouri Over Gun Rights, Foster Care

Couple Sues Missouri Over Gun Rights, Foster Care
Couple Sues Missouri Over Gun Rights, Foster Care

The current administration may support gun rights, but anti-Second Amendment politicians at every level keep making life harder for law-abiding Americans who just want to hang on to their constitutional rights. Now a Missouri couple is bringing a federal lawsuit against state officials who, they say, are making it impossible for them to exercise those rights.


Missouri has a complicated relationship with the Second Amendment. It’s a Constitutional Carry state, with no permit needed to carry either open or concealed. The state honors every carry permit issued in the USA, and there’s also a stand-your-ground law. On the other hand, some state agencies seem to go out of their way to make life hard for gun owners.

  • In Missouri, you’re eligible to be a foster parent if you own guns – unlike in some states – but there are strict conditions that don’t apply to other gun owners. These rules are enforced by the Department of Social Services, and unlike the state government and most law enforcement, they seem pretty hostile to constitutional rights.
  • One of the toughest conditions relates to storing and carrying guns. The DSS says any guns you have need to be stored unloaded, separately from their ammunition, and in a locked area children can’t access. These are sensible precautions that most gun-owning parents follow anyway – but, if they’re strictly enforced, they rule out routine carry on your person.
  • There’s also a law that says any gun in a vehicle transporting a foster child has to be kept in a locked area. That goes against Missouri residents’ right to carry a gun on their person, when they’re driving.
  • Now a Kansas City couple, James and Julie Attaway, have filed suit with a federal court. They say the state law is denying them their SA rights if they take on the care of additional foster children.
  • The Attaways are being supported by the Second Amendment Foundation, a gun rights group they belong to. The group is reported to have joined the lawsuit, which will give the Attaways a better chance against well-funded state officials who seem able to fund their legal costs with an endless flow of taxpayers’ money.
  • Anti-gun activists claim the Attaways don’t have a case; they say fostering children is a privilege, not a right. However there are thousands of children in Missouri who need foster parents, and it’s outrageous that many of them are being denied this opportunity because state agencies are pushing an anti-gun agenda that goes against what the state’s elected politicians want to deliver.