Could the Feds Seize Private Land To Protect Nature?

Could the Feds Seize Private Land To Protect Nature?

Could Your Property Be Seized By The Feds For THIS?

( – America has always appreciated nature, and the federal government has vast land holdings comprised of national parks, reservoirs, and preserves. What many don’t realize is how the federal government acquired those lands. In 1876, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) considered the federal government’s eminent domain powers. The high court determined that it was appropriate and essential for the federal government to have the authority to purchase private lands for public use. It’s been that way ever since.

While the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution requires the government to compensate landowners when it takes private property for public use, the issue can get dicey between landowners and the government and is often controversial. Still, that’s not stopping a private organization from spearheading President Joe Biden’s 30 x 30 plan to expand federal conservation efforts.

What Is the 30 x 30 Plan?

On December 20, 2021, the Biden administration announced a plan called the “America the Beautiful” initiative. The idea is the government would create more federal property to conserve 30% of lands, 30% of waterways, and 30% of coastal ocean areas by 2030. It’s part of the Democrats’ environmental green agenda to protect natural areas and increase public access to nature.

Still, the public knows little about the plan’s specifics or how the administration will take areas to create more public use government-owned properties. According to The Epoch Times, not only will public land be considered to achieve the America the Beautiful 30 x 30 plan, but so will private land.

The Epoch Times said in a report that the government would incentivize land owners to voluntarily give up the rights to their lands and homes in designated areas that meet the need of the programs.

Eminent Domain Likely

While the program is likely to impact many people across the nation, one specific area likely to become a target is a spot in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There appears to be a proposed plan to expand the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area as a US national park from its current 77,000 acres to 200,000 acres. In the way are private property owners.

Here’s the challenge: the government may use its powers, but the Sierra Club made the plan. The non-profit group isn’t obligated to provide anyone with information since it’s not a governmental agency subject to open records requests. The person in the organization behind the supposed plan is former National Park Service Superintendent for the Gap’s recreation area, John Donahue.

Township officials in New Jersey told the Epoch Times that they got a sneak peek at Donahue’s plan, and it’s frightening to them. They say the land grab will happen in one of two ways:

  1. Through donations by private owners of the land to the government
  2. Through willing sellers

The question is, what is a willing seller?

It’s relatively simple. The government makes an offer for the property, and if the land owner accepts the offer, they are a willing seller. If not, they’ll likely face eminent domain lawsuits in federal court that could get expensive.

So, one way or another, the Biden administration is likely to get what it wants, and there isn’t much land owners can do about it.

Still, many consider the 30 x 30 plan very beautiful. It could create numerous benefits for the local environment, wildlife, and those who want to experience the beauty of America. For others, it could mean giving up their home.

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