Cotton: It Is “Dangerous” for Biden to Rejoin Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

Cotton: It Is

( – Iran has found itself at the center of attention in recent weeks with reports of internal chaos due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Adding fuel to the fire, the Trump administration imposed crippling sanctions on the country in October and again in December.

Anxious to return to some semblance of economic stability, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani suggested on December 9 his country would return to its former commitments under the now-defunct Nuclear Deal provided other signatories agreed.

However, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) recently addressed those concerns during a Fox News interview. According to him, it would be dangerous for the United States to reenter the Iran deal for several reasons.

For example, Iran sent guided missiles and drones to Saudi oil fields showing its determination to violate the original deal’s terms. Also, there’s the issue of Iran’s vow to avenge the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by an American strike in January 2020.

Fortunately, there’s little reason to think President Donald Trump would return to it. Additionally, Cotton doesn’t expect Democratic hopeful Joe Biden to drop sanctions were he to win the presidential election, a deal-breaker for Iran.

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