Blackout-Proof Your Food…

During hurricane season, one revolutionary survival product sold out nationwide. Do not wait for a disaster to protect your perishable food investment. Designed to transport life-saving blood at a consistent temperature range, a particular blend of dense minerals were discovered which turn water into a freezable gel that can “phase change” or freeze and melt at 18° Fahrenheit vs. regular ice and even Blue Ice which melt around 32°. Combined with a 5-layer reusable bag material that is about the size small notebook computer, a new product was born that keeps food cold long after the power goes out.

Popular with survivalists, adventurers and homeowners alike, there’s no better blackout protection for your food than Coolershock freezer packs.

Coolershock is so powerful, they can actually freeze a 6-pack of room temperature water bottles inside a cooler in just a few hours. The problem with ice is that it’s very wet, bulky and it only kicks out about 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which means your food will actually be 43-48 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not cold enough to maintain freezing, let alone safe food storage for more than a day. Coolershock keeps your food between 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit, and with good insulation, your food can stay cold for several days. When you open and shut your refrigerator or freezer to get something, Coolershock will release energy 300% faster than ice, quickly bringing your average temperature back down before you valuable food absorbs the surrounding heat. How many do you need? Each Coolershock pack is 10”x14” (about the size of small notebook computer) and super thin at only 1.25 inches thick. Stack just two of them which will fit in 2.5 inches of space to cool better and longer than a 12-pound-bag of ice in about 10% of the space. Also, reusable Coolershock packs never becomes a wet bacterial mess like ice.

TIP: For emergency power in a blackout, you can refreeze your Coolershock packs with a 2,000+ watt power inverter (~$170) connected to your car battery, plugged into a $99 chest freezer. Start your engine, let it idle to keep your battery charged and re-charge your Coolershock packs during the day.

With over 2,500 FIVE-STAR ratings on Amazon, Coolershock has more raving fans than all other ice substitutes combined.