Cook Report Says These 6 House Races Are Heading Red

Cook Report Says These 6 House Races Are Heading Red

6 House Races TURNING RED

( – With inflation at an all-time high and economists predicting a recession, Democrats could be looking at results this November similar to the 1994 midterms when they lost 54 House seats and 8 in the Senate. A recent report by an independent, nonpartisan online group sheds more light on that possibility.

On June 28, The highly esteemed Cook Political Report (CPR) published its latest analysis of the upcoming midterm elections. The publication noted a recalibration of earlier predictions was warranted in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, President Joe Biden’s floundering approval ratings, and America’s uncertain economic future.

Cook contributor David Wasserman said CPR was moving six upcoming House races in the Republican direction and two toward Democrats. This new analysis places 38 seats currently held by Democrats in “toss-up [status] or worse” and only 10 for GOP-held seats.

Four of the six seats shifting towards Republican victories will add seats formally held by Democrats to the GOP’s total number of seats in the House. They include California’s 9th and 13th districts, Pennsylvania’s 12th, and Rhode Island’s 2nd. Inversely, Democrats aren’t projected to pick up any new seats.

Of the remaining four seats, Republicans lost an edge in California’s 41st and Florida’s 27th districts, but CPR still predicts GOP wins in both. Additionally, the chances of Republican wins in California’s 40th and 45th districts improved.

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