Conway: “No Reason” to Bow to Dems


Kellyanne Conway, White House counselor, took her turn to officially rebuke the Democrats’ dishonest takedown attempt of President Trump. When the Dems requested that a total of four witnesses testify in the Senate impeachment trial, Conway said that there’s “no reason.”

Conway elaborated further during a brief meeting with reporters.

“There is no reason for them to go and testify in the Senate trial, as far as we can see. Maybe someone will change their mind, but we haven’t done that. Why would we do that?”


Given that the entire impeachment debacle started over bogus claims and deliberate misinterpretation of Trump’s words, why is there a reason? There’s no changing the minds of Democrats on this matter. So, Conway’s logic says that let’s waste as little of Congress’ precious time as possible on frivolous accusations and get back to business as usual.

Of course, opponents of Conway believe that the White House is hiding from the truth. They forget that the truth has already been laid bare for all to see by Trump himself.

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  1. I agree with you. Everything will end when God decides not man. I heard that the house borrowed the money from social security to start this impeachment joke. I doubt if they will ever pay back social security because all the Democrats do is spend other people’s money.

  2. Our administration needs more than ever to expose the deep state to a point where they are cornered and cannot run ASAP! Our president is a remarkable man who truly cares about Americans. Amen finally!

  3. When this is over and true Americans re-elect President Trump, many of the treasonous democrat politicians and their conspiring cohorts should be jailed long term in federal prison systems. What they have done is immoral and criminal. If this is not done, that would be another travesty. Some main players should receive the death penalty.

  4. Give them what they want. Let the witnesses testify. Then let the dufuss dems’ eat their own words. They’re crying if you don’t, it’s not following constitution. Let’s take it to the limit and shove their words down their throats!!!

  5. President Trump should do what Bill Clinton did on the day he was impeached – hold a pep rally on the steps of the white house.

  6. If the Clintons are not in jail what could Trump have done worst then them I was in 4 WTC on 9/11 you know who I blame Bill Clinton when Bin Laden boys attack the USS Cole it was time to do something but Bill was too busy having sex with everything that moved . Now he has moved on to pedophilia and let’s not forget all the laws Hilary broke .

  7. It’s a coup, and the Republicans are just as responsible for it by lending it dignity and legitimacy. If the Republicans wanted the coup to end, it would have ended years ago. I don’t trust anyone in the Republican party save for 4 loyalists.

  8. I’m an old disabled retired veteran with what I consider a good amount of life experience and common sense. I think it’s laughable any member of the democrat party is going along with this bull shit impeachment scam !

  9. Conway is right there is no reason to investigate President Trump. But there is plenty of reason to investigate the illegal activities of the democrats and see what more they are hiding. If there truly justice ,indictments should be coming down. Our congress is in bad need of cleansing.

  10. I am so very disgusted by the Democrat leaders I can barely read the news or watch events on my iPad. The present Democrat leadership are not truly Americans, nor are they honest or reputable. They are a shame to our entire nation. I hope and pray for a massive Conservative win in next November. And, of course, I agree with Ms. Conway in all she says.

  11. I suggest that the US foreign aid program be brought to light. This would make it clear to all those idiots that believe the President withheld funds to Ukraine. The timing and conversation, that is so manipulated by the DNC, might be clearly understood by many.people.
    Does anybody know what Obama sent to the Ukraine as “aid”?

  12. I agree with Mrs. Conway! We have wasted enough tax money chasing a fox down a rabbit hole. I for one believe this idea is promoted with the idea we have an endless source, the peoples money, wrong!

  13. I am sure I am just as sick of this as everyone else is. For folks to be so hypocritical, is more than I can endure. The main problem is that people who dont have sense enough to think for themselves will blindly follow these idiots. I, quite frankly, am tired of pc, climate change, and all the other garbage being crammed down our throats by media and politicans….come on people…wise up….This earth will end when God Almighty decides it will, not before. And, just because perverse people have lost their minds does NOT mean I have to follow them into hell. Our nation needs to get back to putting God first in everything.

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