Conservative Endorsements for Women Candidates

Conservative Endorsements for Women Candidates

( – Sometimes, Democrats try to tell people that Republicans don’t care about equality, especially when it comes to women. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A small example of equality among the sexes was just demonstrated by a Republican PAC, Maggie’s List, which endorsed a dozen women running to take back the House of Representatives.

Only 23.7% of the House and Senate combined are women. That’s what Maggie’s List aims to change.

Maggie’s List operates in contrast to EMILY’s List, its Democratic counterpart. EMILY’s List got a huge boost when the #MeToo movement took over the airwaves. In an attempt for true equality, the Republican PAC is here to ensure that women are more fairly represented in our political system.

The list, released exclusively to The Hill, contains both former and new congressional candidates. May the best woman win!

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