Congressman’s Shady Financial Dealings Come to Light

Congressman's Shady Financial Dealings Come to Light

( – Freshman Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) has done his best to derail the work of the recently formed and Republican-controlled House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. For example, on May 18, he attempted to discredit the testimony of three FBI whistleblowers by connecting them to cash payments from a former Trump administration official — a fact already known to Republican committee members. Curiously (or not), information readily available with a bit of research indicated that Goldman is the one with a history of shady financial dealings.

On May 19, National File published an exposé connecting Goldman to a group hellbent on undermining Republican-led efforts to investigate President Joe Biden and other key administration officials. Here’s a quick summary of its findings, bolstered by information from additional sources.

In 2012, Goldman and his two siblings co-founded the Richard W Goldman Family Foundation (RGFF) “in loving memory” of their father. As heirs to the Levi Strauss fortune, the Goldmans have been involved in philanthropic ventures for generations.

Using a 2022 investigative report published by the Capital Research Center (CRC), National File linked the RGFF directly to a couple of well-known liberal-leaning dark money groups called Arabella Advisors and the Sixteen Thirty Fund. The CRC traced the flow of money from the foundation through those two organizations to a third one, called the Congressional Integrity Project (CIP).

As it turns out, the CIP focuses its attention on undermining investigations recently launched by congressional GOP members — “MAGA Republicans,” to be exact. A quick review of the group’s mission statement details its obstructionist goals.

The CIP accuses Republicans of “relentlessly investigating Joe Biden” and cabinet-level administration officials to exact their so-called “revenge” on the president for his time spent “working… for all Americans [and] not the special interests” groups. The organization vows to change that “dynamic” and push back against those “politically motivated attacks.”

In short, while Goldman seeks to undermine congressional investigations into the Biden administration from within, his family foundation is reportedly funneling money through two dark money organizations (see these articles from POLITICO and The New York Times for info on their other operations) to a third group to wreak havoc from the outside.

As a side note, National File also reported that Goldman sold all his stock in several failed banks in March.

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